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31 July, 2020

How to get the best value out of web conferencing


For any web conference, the basics of communication can make the difference between great outcomes and time wasted. Simply, you have to be easily audible and, if it’s a video call, clearly visible. You need the right technology to get the best value from web conferencing. Without good connectivity; via wired, wireless or WiFi networks and high-performance hardware and software needed to support great video and audio, it will be hard to achieve the optimal experience.

The etiquette of web conferencing

The technology can help to ensure a successful call, but it’s important that everyone follows some basic rules of behaviour.

  • Connect early and make sure everything is working before the call
  • Tidy up – don’t let your washing be your background
  • Keep noise around you to a minimum
  • Ideally, wear a headset and mic
  • Always mute your mic when not speaking
  • Speak clearly, but not too loudly

It’s all about the app

Ultimately, everything depends on the capabilities of the app you use for your web conferencing. Even with great connections and hardware, you won’t get the best outcomes from your online meetings unless your app can deliver what you need.

Your app should be well integrated with your operating system and business suites.

Privacy protection while web conferencing

A new etiquette is emerging around web conferencing. Having the right equipment and using it correctly is courteous to all participants because it makes you easy to see and hear.

  • Mute your mic when you’re not speaking to reduce background noise
  • Blur your background (a function in conferencing apps) to prevent distractions behind you
  • Choose a Lenovo device like ThinkBook laptops with ThinkShutter protection for the camera for assured privacy

The hardware is also important

Most laptops now have built in cameras and microphones, but they’re not always good enough for effective and productive conference calling. Lenovo ThinkBook laptops are optimized for communication when working remotely. The range includes models offering a variety of key features for web conferencing:

  • 720p HD cameras and dual-array, noise-cancelling mics
  • Dolby Audio™ for rich audio quality
  • Keyboard Noise Suppression so users can type notes discreetly
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation, reducing feedback and echo between the mic and speakers

Accessories make all the difference

If you’re spending more than three or four hours a day on web calls, it’s worth enhancing your laptop’s built-in capabilities with specialist accessories. The right accessories can enhance the audio, video and collaboration capabilities of Lenovo ThinkBook and Lenovo ThinkPad PCs

Lenovo ThinkSmart View – dedicated conference device with 720p wide angle camera (with privacy shutter) and dual 360° microphone array

Lenovo VoIP 360 Camera Speaker portable web conference device with privacy-enabled hi-res 360° camera, 360° speakers and multi-dir ectional, noise-cancelling microphones

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When it’s working well, web conferencing can liberate everyone from their desks and their offices, keeping your organization collaborative, efficient and productive no matter what.