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24 August, 2020

Importance of Tech Services in managing the current workforce challenges


With the COVID-19 pandemic yet to be brought under control, enterprises continue to cope with its ramifications. Work from home has become the norm for employees causing businesses, which earlier did not invest in the latest technological solutions, to be catapulted into the digital revolution. Lack of mobility and constraints in manpower in existing IT infrastructure has led big enterprises as well as SMBs to turn to technology services.

Challenges faced by businesses

The workforce not only has to perform without conducive environments of traditional offices but also has to acclimatise to remote working, new devices and software. The IT helpdesk is overwhelmed owing to these issues where implementing simple solutions ends up taking an entire day. 

However, research shows that even in pre-COVID times they haven’t been able to deliver towards business growth as troubleshooting problems consumed most of their time. This is especially true for SMBs. As per the report* ‘Premier Support - Increasing End User & IT Efficiency for SMBs’, 80% of IT teams considered themselves to be preoccupied with maintenance and support. Similarly, in IT groups assigned for innovation only 26% felt they were delivering.

With the pandemic exacerbating these issues, it would be prudent of businesses to outsource IT services which will allow their in-house team to focus on the company's strategic initiatives. Services such as DaaS, technical support, security and warranty for systems will help in reducing the workload of IT staff, redirecting expenses, streamlining upgradation of hardware and software, and most importantly enforce security in systems.

Accessible IT solutions through DaaS 

The value of DaaS is in its ability to access tools and solutions at affordable rates. DaaS solutions at Lenovo enable in cost-cutting, remote working, increasing productivity and allowing businesses to focus on generating revenues. The end to end IT services from planning to deployment, along with support to asset recovery enable the efficient full life-cycle performance of company assets. 

The ‘Premier Support’ report* also shows that Lenovo’s DaaS has a positive impact on SMBs. Through Lenovo DaaS, SMBs can overcome their technological gaps despite having limited time and finances. Using this service allows them to repurpose their IT teams to take the business forward. 

Increase productivity through advanced technical support

Businesses can get more from less by outsourcing technical support. Outsourcing superior technical support will lower your spending on IT infrastructure and ensure your operations are at the highest efficiency levels. Elite technical teams free your IT helpdesk for helping the business move forward and provide support to curb downtime facilitating in the smooth running of equipment.

Lenovo’s Premium Support does exactly that through its Technical Account Management Team. Companies get direct access to expert technicians who give unscripted, advanced troubleshooting for all-inclusive hardware and software support. Making client’s requirements a priority, a dedicated team, as well as manufacturer parts, are provided on the next business day to resolve issues.

Warranty and Protection Services

Systems are vulnerable to security issues and face the threat of damage to their parts and software, more so during remote working. To help you utilise full life-cycle of machines, Lenovo provides longer warranty periods which also allows on-site upgradation, and International Service Entitlement which gives services out of the home country. The Keep Your Drive service secures your data while Transition Services streamline deployment and migration. Offering services such as these, Lenovo assures quality technological services to their customers.

*All data courtesy of Techaisle based on surveys of IT personnel in small- to medium-sized businesses, October 2018, for Lenovo.